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is an American artist, born and educated in New Orleans.  His vast catalog of original music and lyrics 

and his soulfully seasoned performance ability as a vocalist and guitarist, are a reflection 

of his cultural heritage and the legacy of New Orleans music.

His career spans over 30 (thirty) years and unlike most veteran artists of similar stature, 

who have a resume and history of artists with whom they have worked with, Detweiler has none.  

He has composed his own material since the beginning and has released over a dozen albums under his own name.

In addition to his vast catalogue of original material, in recent years Detweiler has made a name for 

himself with his original arrangements of classics from the American Soul and Jazz songbooks.  

Especially guitar arrangements of jazz standards for horn.

His style is a rich blend of jazz, blues, soul and funk.  Rhythm guitar driven.  Groove oriented.

His performances are long (3 to 4 hours) and hot and infused with relevant spontaneity.  Every show is unique.  

Musicians who have worked with Mr. Detweiler testify that he often presents 

new material right on the bandstand, passing out charts that they have never seen before, 

and then leading them seamlessly through the material in front of the audience.  

He is also known to call alternative chord changes right from the microphone.

Scott Detweiler is a unique and ever-evolving, blues-based artist who is focused on touching people with his music.